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Seeing Clearly

I have always been a collector! While my eclectic interests have changed through the years, this has been a consistent thread throughout my life. In keeping with this trend, I’ve obtained a sizeable number of unique pairs of eyeglasses over time. I have fun with changing them out based on what I am wearing that day. No matter what glasses I may be wearing on a given day, everything I see is filtered through their lenses. If my lenses have smudges or scratches, that affects my ability to see as clearly. I either need to clean them or work that much harder to focus on what I am trying to see.

Following Christ takes an even greater sense of focus. If we are not daily laying down our flesh at the altar and submitting to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we can veer off the path and go our own way. Paul talks about how sin can “easily entangle us.” (Hebrews 12:1) Sin clouds our vision. But, if we will focus on the One who paid an enormous price for our salvation, have the determination to passionately pursue Him, and carry out our command to share the Gospel, our vision becomes clearer. (Hebrews 12:2) May we consistently set our gaze on our Savior.


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