Global Missions

Reaching the remote parts of the earth.

God's Word tells us that heaven will be a celebration of every people group, every language, and every ethnicity. (Revelation 5:9) Jesus sent us out to be His witnesses in our sphere of influence, our neighboring states, our country, and even around the world.

Conroe Bible Church seeks to spread the gospel around the world. We accomplish this task by supporting missionaries through prayer and finances. We believe God uses their talents, gifts, training, and location to reach people outside of our natural reach. We support nine (9) such missionaries in ministries around the globe.

When the Lord leads, we sent our groups to serve with the gospel and for the equipping of local pastors and lay people. We have been to Mexico, Ukraine, Europe, and Cuba. We have also supported individuals sent to many more people groups around the world.

Will you join us in spreading the gospel around the world?