Small Groups

At CBC, Small Groups are...

Authentic communities that create an environment for Christ-centered relationships and personal transformation.

  • A place where imperfect people find grace. What happens when I mess up in life? Who is there to provide encouragement and guidance? CBC Small Groups hope to be that source of grace in your life. Because we will all experience failure, these are the people that will love you on your best and your not-so-best days.
  • A place where God’s life changing power is intimately on display. We all have stories to tell of how God is working in our lives. God receives glory when our stories are told! CBC Small Groups can be one of the places where your stories can be told to people that can’t wait to hear them!
  • A place where you can be your true self. I wear a mask when I don’t want the people around me to see my true self. In these environments of grace and truth we can take off our masks. This is the only way to experience authentic community. We flesh out unity as we come together in this process of vulnerability.
  • A place to find partners in service. Teams come together when they work together! We get weary and tired when we serve in isolation. CBC Small Groups come together to serve each other, the church, and the community.
  • A place to find running partners as we follow after Jesus. A running partner provides encouragement in the race. As we run our race, fixing our eyes on Jesus, following Him through life, we need running partners. A CBC Small Group is a group of people with the common goal of finishing the race well. We run better when we run together.
  • A place to live out the Gospel. We are all called to be witnesses to the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus! Small groups are excellent environments to invite others into the community of the Body of Christ, to give witness to how the Kingdom of God is life-giving.

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