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Trusting God’s Creativity

God’s originality can change your life. When you are stumped or even when you think you have all the answers, consider letting God be creative.

His wild imagination for beauty, design, and systems to sustain it all causes us to reflect on the nature of our God. The products of His inventiveness are all around us. Thankfully, Jesus has given us five senses to experience His creation.

Throughout Scripture, the Lord uses His creation as an illustration of what He can do. These illustrations reassure us. He can create the beast Leviathan (Jesus is powerful enough to handle your circumstances). He calculated the dust for the mountains (Jesus can understand your problems). The heavens declare His glory (Jesus paints the sky with beauty to be enjoyed). He can clothe the beautiful lilies (Jesus cares for you).

God’s originality in creation gives us hope. Jesus produces beauty out of bleakness. He orchestrates design which leaves us in awe. The Lord creates systems to perpetuate what He has done. In the process, our Jesus is reminding us that He can do these same things in our lives.

Creativity is one of God’s most endearing attributes to me. With His imagination, He brings beauty to be enjoyed and hope that He can change me and my life.

I often meditate on Habakkuk 1:5. I realize that the immediate context is God’s surprising manner of exercising justice in the lives of His people. Look closely at this truth and you will see that there is more than just a word of the Lord to His prophet. This verse reveals God’s untamed ingenuity.

Look among the nations! Observe!
Be astonished! Wonder!
Because I am doing something in your days—
You would not believe if you were told.

We cannot fathom the mind of God but we can trust Him when it comes to our life circumstances.

God has the freedom to do what He wishes when He so desires. And that is a good thing. Trust Him today to imaginatively answer your prayers. Let this attribute give you hope whether your prayer today is out of bleakness or out of delight. Either way, you might not believe it if you were told.

Love and blessings,

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