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Intentional Parenting: Caring for Animals

Caring for Animals

Nothing engages a child’s heart faster than an animal in need. They love to know they are taking care of their pets…even if you are doing all the work! It is easy for them to understand that God gave man charge over the animals of the world because taking care of animals is second nature to them. Part of serving God is taking care of His animals. Like Rachel watering her sheep and a stranger’s camels, they are glad to do it!

Taking care of pets teaches children so much about how God cares for them. In all the ways a pet is dependent on them, they are dependent on their Heavenly Father. In all the ways they need to respond to their pets, their Heavenly Father responds to them.

As you care for your pets this week, begin your sentences with “Just like our Father God…” For example: “Just like our Father God gives us food to eat, we give our puppy his food.”  You can broaden the aspect of caring to reach into the realm of the emotional. Like: “Just like our Father God comforts us when we are scared, we make sure our kitty knows he is safe with us.”

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