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Eternal Provider

Past experiences often color our ability to anticipate goodness.

I was fortunate as a child to have a great upbringing. There were triumphs, lots of space to play outside for hours, and a variety of friendships in the neighborhood, at church, and on ball teams.

There were also knocks and setbacks on different levels. I talked too much in school. I didn’t make every team I tried out for. I didn’t always get along with every kid.

The most consistent aspect of my life was my parents. And they were for me.

Mom made lunches for me to take to school. If I needed help on a paper or project, Mom had ideas to get me started. When life was a bummer and I was trying to process it, Mom was available to chat. She tried her best to make me a piano player. Her approach to people and circumstances was gentle.

Dad seemingly included me in everything, even as a kid. When he had tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game, he took me along instead of one of his friends. He taught me how to approach people (“firm handshake, look’em in the eyes when you speak,” “dress sharp, play sharp,” “be positive”). He didn’t allow me to do things that might have exposed me to the wrong elements. He asked what I thought on matters.

My ability to anticipate goodness when it comes to my parents has been bolstered by their raising of me. My parents were for me. They proved it in word and deed. I never doubted their availability, resources, or goodness.

My parents took care of earthly needs. The Lord has taken care of eternal needs. And yet, occasionally, I fail to let my past experiences with Him color my anticipation of His goodness.

Anxiety arises when I focus on my problems instead of His peace. I succumb to stress when I fail to remember He is at work and He is good. Despair slips in when I am not relying on Him.

God proved His faithful goodness to the Israelites. Paul pronounced that great statement: “God is for us” (Romans 8:31). He has shown up in my life many times over.

Life gets uneven when I am in position to no longer anticipate God showing up. At that point, I become selfish, my memory shortens, and I throw a pity party.

In times like those, I return to Scripture, choosing to meditate on eternal truth:

For the LORD is good;
His lovingkindness is everlasting
And His faithfulness to all generations.
Psalm 100:5

Let our knowledge of God and our past experiences with Him color our anticipation of Him showing up in unexpected ways with goodness for us.

Love and blessings,

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