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Prayer is a joy-giver

Prayer is a joy-giver.

Feeling overwhelmed? Frantic? Discouraged? Defeated? Doubtful? Talk to Jesus.

When we pray, we are focused on His presence. We are aware that Jesus is always with us and will never leave us. Prayer makes His presence more personal in the moment because we are talking to Him.

Joy is often associated with the presence of the Lord in Scripture. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit within us (Galatians 5). We will experience fullness of joy in Jesus’ presence for all eternity (Psalm 16:11). We also experience joy in His presence now.

The words of David about God’s goodness in Psalm 21:6 are a powerful reminder.

For You make him most blessed forever;
You make him joyful with gladness in Your presence.

These words are likely given as praise in response to the prayer for God to bless Israel’s army in Psalm 20. These words zero in on David as King. However, these words are not limited to King David. They speak generally of God’s blessings to all believers today. After all, we possess every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.

A quick way to experience joy is to pray. I encourage you to approach your prayer time anticipating the joy of being in Jesus’ presence.


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