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Satan is a liar

Satan is a liar. Jesus called him the father of lies. When Jesus states something so plainly, we must take notice.

Satan’s work seeks to derail our lives with lies about God. One of his two standard deceptions tempts us to believe that God’s Word is not true. Confusion sets in because it is the promises of God which give us hope for the future. When we buy into Satan’s deception, we are not at peace and hope is destroyed.

A second standard deception is to convince us that God is not good—that He is holding out on us. Satan tapped into Eve’s desire for enjoying what looked good to her though God had been specific: do not eat the fruit of this tree. He caused her to doubt that God sought her best. She was not at peace and thought she could rectify things on her own.

I am thankful that Jesus is concerned about our peace, confusion, and doubt. So much of life’s distractions and Satan’s deceptions take us down those paths. Thankfully, Jesus is aware, and Paul encourages all believers at the end of his letter to Rome:

The God of all peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. (Romans 16:20a)

I take it to mean that the power of God’s presence, when we lean on Him, will overcome all of Satan’s deceptions, leaving us with the peace of God which allows us to function for His glory.

In fact, Paul reinforces it with the rest of that verse:

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (16:20b)

God IS faithful. And God IS good. May we embrace His grace and experience His peace through prayer.


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