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Intentional Parenting: Announcing Jesus at Christmas

Intentional Parenting: Announcing Jesus at Christmas

God was never secretive regarding His Son’s appearance on earth as a Savior. He shouted it throughout history before and after the event, giving us detail upon detail so we’d be sure to realize it when it happened. He has always wanted us to know.

Sit with your children and conversationally discuss Who Jesus is and what He did! Your conversation will be blessed and the Holy Spirit will joyously participate.

Gently guide them to an understanding of their sin. They are so used to needing help, it is no surprise to them they can’t deal with the wrong choices they make on their own.

He wants children to come to Him because He knows full well they can understand how He loves them. They have faith to give. Help them give it to Him, the only One worthy of their faith.

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