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Turn to Jesus

Our world is in a lamentable state. We live with evidence of things-not-right in our own private worlds. We experience difficult life situations which turn us upside down. Many of us suffer with the injustices we see around the globe.

Hearts are overwhelmed when people dwell on the regrets of the past or their situation in the present. Bleak thoughts set emotions spiraling. Wills start to weaken. Motivation to trust God in such circumstances becomes a victim of our own confusion, doubt, and distractedness.

Our temptation is to choose “fight or flight.” We try to tough it out on our own or run from the fear.

I want to encourage you to turn and trust God with the overrun parts of your life. In Psalm 11, Israel’s favorite king was advised to flee from the danger. He responded with a sober declaration,

            In the Lord I take refuge. (11:1a)

Instead of fleeing to the mountains, David fled to the Lord. The temptation to flee defies secure faith in the Lord. The people’s fears were valid. They pictured the nation of Israel as crumbling as its foundations were destroyed. However, their view started with their experience on earth. David’s view started with his eyes on the Lord.

David declared the strength and security of the Lord. He reigns sovereignly over the earth. He sees and thoroughly investigates the sons of men.

            The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord’s throne is in heaven;
            His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men.    (11:4)

Isn’t it interesting that he mentions eyelids in this description? Eyelids normally contract when we examine something closely. They constrict. They narrow. Concentration is evident. David is reassuring us that God’s knowledge of us is precise and accurate. Not just the facts, but the emotions, doubts, and fears they arouse. I find such unique choice of words reassuring.

David has responded to the fears of those around him with truth about God’s character and action. He closes by reminding us of the security we have in our relationship with God.

            For the Lord is righteous, He loves righteous deeds;
            The upright will behold His face.   (11:7)

“Behold His face” was a phrase used for gaining access to a king. The king did not grant access to everyone. As followers of Jesus, we can rejoice that we have an all-access pass to the King of Kings through prayer.

I encourage you to let the lamentable state of (y)our world prompt you to acknowledge the greatness of our God. Praise Him! Let the ripples of emotion and disruptive thoughts push you toward His goodness. Come boldly to Him to find grace to help in your time of need.

Love and blessings,

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