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Intentional Parenting: Sadness

Intentional Parenting: Sadness (Naomi and Ruth)

Sadness is not a wrong feeling. However, our hope in the midst of sadness is that we will not remain so but will find joy again.

Don’t diminish your children’s suffering or sadness. Encourage them to remember that wounds of the heart will heal like a scrape on the skin.  Deep wounds heal more slowly. All wounds heal better when they are cared for.

One way to care for a wounded heart is to adopt an overall attitude of agreeing with God on events in our lives. Help your children give themselves over to His benevolent plan, even if they hate the way it is going at the moment. Pray with them and for them when they are sad, recognizing that God is in loving control of our lives. He is our champion in every situation.

Let them see you handle sadness in agreement with God, knowing your suffering is also His.

Naomi and Ruth were sad for a long time. People they loved and depended on had died. But, eventually, they began to see God give them things to be glad about. They both understood God was with them in their sorrow. The Bible says God counts our tears and saves them in a bottle. Our sorrow is important and dear to Him.

Draw a picture of a time you were really sad. You might still be sad when you think of it, but can you see how God has brought joy to you again? Thank Him for that right now. The next time you are sad, remember He is sad with you.

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