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Intentional Parenting: God’s Gift of Grandparents

Intentional Parenting: God’s Gift of Grandparents

Not all children have ideal grandparents. There is really no such thing! However, grandparents are intended by God to fulfill a purpose. Whether you think they are fulfilling it or not, does not come into play. You can, and are expected to, teach your children to honor your parents. You don’t know how God will use them in the lives of your children, or how He will use your children in the lives of your parents. Since all this is a mystery, we just need to obey and let Him do His thing with us.

Recognizing there can be extreme cases where caution is needed, here are some ideas you can implement to build a stronger relationship between those generations. You will reap the benefit as well. Purpose to begin or strengthen some of the following:

  • Encourage your children to write letters, send messages, talk on the phone or Facetime your out-of-town parents
  • Set up a regular lunch or dinner date with an in-town grandparent on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Set up a regular day or evening for visiting, maybe just between grandparent and grandchild for even an hour while you run errands

Time is short and we need to make the most of it. Someday you will be glad you made the effort. I speak from experience when I say it is worth doing.

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