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Answering the Call

Answering the Call

(1 Samuel 3)

I love the recent iPhone update setting feature that makes all incoming calls from numbers that I don’t have in my contacts go straight to voicemail. You see I would often get four or five robo-calls a day! I felt like it was such a distraction as I tried to focus on something else, always getting pulled to look at my phone when it starts buzzing.

But what if it’s actually an important call and I miss it because it gets lumped in with my spam calls? Hopefully if it’s important they will call again and get my attention! In chapter 3 of 1 Samuel we see Samuel nearly miss a call because he didn’t recognize the caller. But God’s persisted.

God had a plan for Samuel’s life and service. He would replace Eli’s family as high priest and he would usher in the time of the kings in Israel. God’s calling on his life was a unique one and required his full attention. God waited till Samuel was ready to listen. Eli’s advice was appropriate when he tells Samuel to say, “Speak Lord for your servant hears.”

Most of us will not receive audible calls by God. But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t communicate or call us to action. And when we do sense God’s grabbing us by the shoulder, Eli’s advice to Samuel should be taken to heart. How often do we stop and focus on God saying, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening?”

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