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Wind Turbines

Amazed by the number of wind farms we saw on our trip to the mountains, I began to study them. Fairly soon, I was reflecting on some spiritual parallels between the wind turbine and me. I know—a bit odd—but what can I say? We spent long hours in the car!

Perhaps these reflections will lead you to consider God’s reality in your own life.

I am attracted to the wind turbines because they exist in wide open spaces. There is a sense of freedom in being out away from everything. There is a sense of simplicity in that much of their work is done behind the scenes. They are not a visibly big production! When I think of the freedom we have in Jesus, I am constantly reminded of His grace—pursuing, promising, and pulsating through me to produce what He will.

I want to mimic the posture of a wind turbine with my heart and mind. The wind turbine looks like it is set in a permanent posture of worship. Standing straight with its three rotor blades upturned, the wind turbine is prepared for the wind to energize it. The blades appear to reach to the heavens. I want to be alert to Jesus in heart and mind, with my hands reaching up for His protection and provision in prayer.

I know these turbines are intentionally designed to catch the wind. The majority of rotor blades are set to face upwind. There is intentionality in the design and placement to receive the wind. Wind is a common symbol for the Holy Spirit in the NT. I want to be intentional in walking with Jesus so that I not only receive the wind (Spirit) but am controlled by the Spirit (Eph 5:18). For me, this means sitting down with Jesus before I embrace my phone. And returning to Him throughout the day. I want to be intentional in hearing from Jesus.

I understand that these massive (weighing tons) wind turbines need just a little wind. The most common turbines need only about 7-9 mph of wind to turn and produce some electricity. In general, they start to hit their stride around 30 mph and begin to produce the most power (converted to electricity) at 55 mph. When I find my adequacy in Christ, the Spirit empowers me to serve Jesus in powerful ways (2 Cor 3:5-6). A simple, responsive discipline of staying in touch with Jesus will empower me to serve Him.

I find a selflessness in these turbines. The mighty turbine is not saving any of this energy for itself. Acting at high capacity, it produces power which is converted to electricity. The electricity benefits many people who will never see the turbine. I want to be selfless in my service—willing to serve without receiving anything in return. I want Jesus to multiply my efforts.

Finally, I never see a wind turbine alone. I have seen them in a variety of terrains on this trip but I have never seen a single wind turbine alone. They are grouped in clusters in areas of high wind concentration in order to produce the most power possible. I love the word picture this presents of serving Jesus together in community. I am a far more productive servant of the Lord because I am loved and challenged by my church family than I could ever be alone. We are blessed to have each other as we serve Jesus together.

How do these reflections inspire you? May the Lord who brings forth the wind (Psalm 135:7) to power the wind turbines be more real in your life as you walk with Him today.

Love and blessings,

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