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Sit in His Presence

Life in a fallen world makes it hard to stand upright. 

Sometimes it is hard to stand upright against sin. We are immersed in a world that is against Jesus. Sometimes it is hard to simply stand as we battle fear, anxiety, or anger. We are broken people in a broken world. 

Evil unleashed seems to wear us out. We sob. We rant. We alternate between the two. Sometimes we turn inwardly toward the pain so much that we forget, we are not alone.

Jesus is with us on this faith journey through this world. Scripture informs us and we know by the experience of His peace that He is present. Yet we are still overwhelmed. We find it easy to forget that He is active and He is present. We can even begin to deny that He loves us in the midst, much less cares about us. 

Thankfully, Jesus makes Himself known to those who turn to Him. He knows that we are but dust. He understands our frailties. He experienced life on earth as we know it yet without sin. 

Cling tightly to Jesus in times of tragedy. Cry out to Him. Talk to Him. Rant to Him. He has given us a relationship in which He is unafraid of our emotions. He invites us to hold on. 

Do not be afraid of offending Jesus with language that is not Christian cliché or churchy. Be yourself. Trouble catches us unaware at the most inopportune times. Let Him know.

A biblical truth that has helped me turn to Jesus when overwhelmed is found in Psalm 46:1. 

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

I need the reminder when things spiral downward. God takes the time to remind us that He is ready for us and our needs. I need to cry out to the One who offers to give me strength, who offers me a hiding place through the storm. I may not understand everything but my faith is strengthened. The last verse of this Psalm reinforces the first. 

The LORD of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our stronghold.

Turn to the One who is already with you. Exhaust yourself against Him with your thoughts, your words, and your prayers. He is present. He is our strength. He gives us a place to be renewed until we are ready for the world around us.

We do not need to stand all the time. Sometimes we just need to sit in His presence.

Love and blessings,

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