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Mother’s Day

Let’s pray for our church family as we approach Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day is a complicated day. Not everyone is able to celebrate it with abandon. 

On the one hand, Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for many women and families; at the same time, there are multiple reasons that Mother’s Day is an especially sad day. 

Here are a few of the reasons which reveal the painful side of this designated day:
• those women reminded of miscarriages and the struggle to have children
• those women who struggle with past decisions…life choices and abortion in particular 
• those families who have lost their mother and will not have her to celebrate in person
• those mothers who have lost children 
• those mothers who have wayward children at this time
• those women and men who were neglected or abused by their own mother
• those women and men who struggle to honor their mother through broken relationships

If we are left alone with just memories and consequences, we find ourselves overwhelmed with guilt, remorse, loss, confusion, anger, retaliation, and bitterness. Silent mourning is normal and deferred dreams are reality.

On a day like Mother’s Day, the need for kindness, care, and love is palpable. Let’s pray for everyone to experience the sufficiency of God’s grace.

He is the One who sustains the broken-hearted, comforts the wounded, and redeems our brokenness. He is the One who replaces bitterness with compassion, hurt with healing, and offers the strength to honor Mothers no matter what type of relationship there is. 

Our identity is in the One who loves us most. Jesus gives us significance, strength, and security through His never-ending love from which nothing can separate us. Turn to Him for your unique needs this week. Let’s choose to point one another to Jesus as the source of our strength.

On a day like this, we need the church family more than ever. And the church family needs us. Whether you can call it a day of celebration or not, let’s pray for one another and seek to honor God by honoring Moms. 

For His Glory,

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