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Enjoy His Forgiveness

How does it feel to go to God and confess your sin?

Do you feel weary (same old thing)? Do you feel ashamed (God is not happy with me)? Do you feel relieved (I am forgiven)? Do you feel joy?

I remember messing up some tasks that were new to me while taking inventory in the Parts Department of a boat dealership. The owner dropped in a couple of times to see how I was doing.

The first time he dropped in, I informed him that I had to restart when I was counting the nuts, bolts, and washers because I counted them incorrectly. He said, “No problem.” He gave me some tips on how to keep it straight.

He returned a while later and asked how things were going. I told him that I had to start again because I had reverted to the wrong way which I had used previously. He said something like, “That’s great! You caught it and corrected it.”

He passed by a third time and I tried to hide. I had done it again. I didn’t have fig leaves, but I was choosing to be like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Find a place to hide and hope the owner doesn’t find me.

He found me and asked how far I had progressed. I shamefully explained that I had messed up again. He had me walk him through what I had done. He corrected me verbally by showing me that I simply chose the wrong direction at a key point when I reached an intersection with two choices.

He left. I completed the task without any more foul-ups, which was nice. But what was even better was the feeling of joy because of his treatment of me. He wanted me to succeed.

I had expected condemnation and received correction. I had expected criticism and received instruction. I had expected shaming and received encouragement. The owner was cheering me on in the midst of failure. He was more interested in helping me become better than simply getting through the inventory.

His interactions with me were like waves washing over me while standing on the beach. Not only do the waves keep coming, but these were waves of grace. Grace upon grace.

I return to the original question: How do you feel when you go to God and confess sin? Especially sin you have repeated?

Do you feel condemned? Criticized? Do you think God is weary? Does He roll His eyes? Shake His head? Or worse, shake His finger at you?

No, He is glad that you have responded to the Holy Spirit who caught your sin and convicted you of it. You chose to confess it.

The Lord described His own character as a “forgiving God” back in Exodus 34:7.

In 1 John 1:9, He states: If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Jesus loves you. He delights in cheering you on in the midst of failure. He states that He is faithful to forgive your sin. He delights in forgiving sin because He is glad to act in keeping with His character.

Keep short accounts with the Lord. Confess your sin. Enjoy His forgiveness. Experience His cleansing from sin. He delights in restoring and redeeming you as you are becoming transformed into His image. Rejoice in His approach to you.

Love and blessings,

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