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Praise, Perspective, and Promise

Meditating on Psalm 104 this morning, I saw three concepts that bring power to prayer: praise, perspective, and promise.

This beautiful creation psalm recasts the Genesis account in poetic language. Verses 5-9 draw our attention to the creation of the earth, specifically.

You set earth on a firm foundation
    so that nothing can shake it, ever.
You blanketed earth with ocean,
    covered the mountains with deep waters;
Then you roared and the water ran away—
    your thunder crash put it to flight.
Mountains pushed up, valleys spread out
    in the places you assigned them.
You set boundaries between earth and sea;
    never again will earth be flooded.
                        ~ Psalm 104:5-9 (MSG)

Praise is simply a declaration of truth about God (You) and brings Him honor. The writer here offers a joyful celebration of creation, declaring the deeds of God, which indicate His greatness.

As we reflect on God’s creative work with the author, the majesty of God’s character begins to dawn on us. We are reminded of specific attributes of God. We join with the psalmist in declaring, “God, you are great!” Such praise elevates the atmosphere of our prayers above our circumstances to a platform of trust. Praise brings power to prayer by honoring God and raising our thoughts above our circumstances.

Perspective changes our mood. Like pulling back the curtains on a sunny day, considering God’s attributes in praise changes our outlook on our day.

Focused on creation in this psalm, we are reminded of several of God’s attributes. Our great and good God takes the initiative…creates beauty…is powerful…is sovereign…is wise…is free to act as He pleases…loves us enough to create the earth for us…governs…sustains. Perhaps other attributes come to mind for you.

Consider how those attributes apply to your life today. Certainly by reflecting on His greatness, you see how He brings relief to your needs, sustains you with strength, can overcome anything in your life, bring beauty out of ashes, or lift your spirit. His character is His guarantee that He has the ability to act in your life. Choose an attribute that addresses your area of need today.

Promise offers hope. Notice how the author closes out this section of poetry about creation of the earth: never again will earth be flooded. We know that as a promise given by God to Noah. By naming a promise in this context, the author reminds us that God makes promises. And God keeps His promises. Let His promises bring greater confidence to your prayer life.

As I came to the end of my meditation on Psalm 104 this morning, I was drawn to the promise that Jesus will never leave me. I need Him. I am comforted that He is with me.

What promise do you need to cling to today? His unconditional love from which nothing can separate you? His peace that surpasses all understanding? A reminder of His presence? The security of His truth? The sufficiency of His grace? As you pray for others and yourself, let the Lord know you are claiming His promise.

May praise, perspective, and promise enrich your prayer life today as you go to the throne of grace.

In His grip,

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