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Perseverance is not a word that conjures up joy in my heart.

Especially when life appears to be made up of situations designed to be Perseverance Skills Tests. Kind of like CrossFit workouts for the spiritually-minded. Life is hard.

Perseverance is a word that makes me think of hard physical toil, difficult mental strain, and emotional breaking points. I think of it that way because it makes me think that I am responsible to personally outmaneuver difficulties and push through stressful situations. Such an attitude leads down a path to weariness in virtually every capacity.

I gained a fresh perspective on perseverance this morning as I read through Matthew 14:22-36. Jesus walks on the water. Peter asks to join Him. You know the story.

When Peter looks at the Lord, he walks on water. When Peter looks down at his circumstances, he sinks.

In this passage, we see that perseverance is simply looking to Jesus with trust. Perseverance is not about you and me “pushing through.” It’s not about our strength at all. Stamina comes from learning to trust Jesus with each moment to give strength for the day.

Peter cried out, “Lord save me!” We read that Jesus immediately stretched out His hand took hold of Peter.

Trusting Him in the situations of our lives allow us to access His all-sufficient grace. His grace is sufficient to provide perseverance.

Peter persevered when his eyes were on Jesus. I encourage you in your circumstances right now to cry out with the same urgency and humility. Let Jesus give you perseverance for your day.


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