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Turn to God first

I love learning! (If only I had loved learning when I was a kid in school, right?!) One of my favorite aspects of today’s world is access to education when needed.

At least once a week I’m learning something new. The upper tray in our dishwasher needed to be repaired. Youtube had the answer. I couldn’t figure out how to detach the taillight on my truck to replace a dead bulb. The internet saved the day!

The access we have to more information than any of us could possibly absorb in a dozen lifetimes is staggering! Equally staggering is the bad information, especially when it comes to aspects of life which are vastly more important than dishwashers and taillights. Areas like how to be a faithful father, a loving husband, a selfless friend, a comforting listener, a wise steward, a thoughtful neighbor, a humble leader, or even how to become a child of God.

Even when we manage to find reliable data by mining the depths of the chaff-laden internet, when it really maters, we are still often grasping for something more. Too often we are found sifting through unending piles of misguided and ineffective answers, neglecting the access to wisdom we are freely offered (think James 1:5).

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

~Psalm 20:7

A modern reading of this verse might say, “Some trust in Google and some in Yahoo.” If you’re like me, Google is too often the knee-jerk reaction. I’m much too quick to reach into my pocket when I need help. Yet, when we turn to God, we never have to worry about getting bad information or being misguided. He is all we need.

Lord, help me turn to you first.

God bless,


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