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Treasuring God’s Majesty

 Ascribe to the Lord the glory that He is due!
The psalmist challenges us to rightly recognize our God. He is worthy of such recognition. The Psalms contain such declarations. David wrote, “Great is the Lord and highly to be praised!” (145:3).
I find that such adoration of God brings about subtle changes in my faith which, in turn, affect my attitude and thoughts about life.
When I treasure my Lord, I am reminded of His majesty. Giving thought to His “greatness” can go in many different directions. I like to meditate on and praise Him in the area which I currently need Him. Making big decisions? I acknowledge His wisdom. Needing help? I reflect on His goodness. Needing comfort, I dwell on His infinite love. And so on.
My faith is strengthened by remembering the greatness of the One to whom I am related by faith in Jesus Christ. My attitude begins to change as I realize that I am not left to my own strength, my own devices, or my resources.
Adoration is a great way to start your prayer time. You might find that it shapes the rest of your prayer as you talk with God. You might even find that it lifts your spirit and changes your attitude about life.
Awed by His majesty,

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