Although we had been shut down most of last spring and summer CBC has continued to further our Local Missions reach into our local community.

One big update that occurred over the summer is that we hosted a Mobile Market Food Distribution Center for the Montgomery County Food Bank. We had over 20 people show up on Saturday, June 20, to hand out food boxes to over 200 families. (see pictures below)

Now when I say “food boxes” that is an understatement. All of us who served were impressed by the amount of food given out! Each family received a full box of produce, dairy, fruit, and more! The day went incredibly well and we were all excited to help people who were truly in need.

This led me to look into hosting a Mobile Market on a regular basis. Before the pandemic the food bank held about seven Mobile Markets a month, during the height of the shutdown different churches and organizations were hosting Mobile Markets close to 35 times a month!

So with demand up, and after we had such a great experience, we applied to be an official Partner Agency with the Montgomery Food Bank, this will allow us to host a Mobile Market several times a year, in fact our next distribution day will be Saturday, October 10 starting at 11am, join us!

We also took the opportunity to raise money for Pregnancy Assistance Center North (PACN) by partnering with their Baby Bottle Campaign. Every year PACN gives out boxes of empty baby bottles which they ask be filled with cash and chance. The catch phrase is, “Your Changes Changes Lives!” We were given 50 bottles and over 30 returned filled with money! After PACN counted all the pennies, dimes and twenty dollar bills they let us know that CBC raised $732.63! (see picture below) Thank you for giving! I know that many families took advantage of this campaign to get their kids in on the action as children cracked open piggy banks to help contribute to the needs of local moms.

The final Local Missions update regards our on-going partnership with Parmley Elementary. We all know the back to school season was quite unique this year and so we had to get creative with how we would love on the teachers. We usually collect teacher supplies and hand out “encouragement bags” while helping teachers set up the class rooms for students. But, this year visitors were not allowed on campus and students have not yet moved to in-person learning.

The other obstacle was that so many of our people at CBC are still needing to stay home on Sundays, but even after an abbreviated teacher supply collection time period we still collected more than enough supplies for over 50 encouragement bags! Many CBC peeple came in during the week to add to the pile of markers, pens and stationary. CBC Ladies also spread the word to write notes of encouragement to be included in the bags. To cap it off the Local MIssions team purchased several boxes of snacks and drinks to give the teachers a pick-me-up as they slog through virtual teaching.

These bags were delivered on August 17 along with several boxes of breakfast tacos! The teachers were extremely thankful, and we have even received a card that one teacher sent through the mail to let us know how much these bags meant to them! (See pictures below)

Thank you for giving to CBC, your gifts help us in our efforts to make an impact in our Local Mission field!

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