Dear CBC Family,

Our Elder Board has decided to suspend all Sunday programming for tomorrow, March 15. We stayed in touch with the unfolding news of the coronavirus throughout the day and met last night to consider all the options.

We do not make this decision flippantly or out of fear. We made this decision to honor the governing authorities, help protect our own high-risk individuals and to help “flatten the curve” for the healthcare professionals in our local area.

Tomorrow morning, I will be giving a devotional message regarding the coronavirus and the opportunities it gives us to grow in grace. We will post this message on our website at 11:00 am ( I invite you to gather with those around you, sing along with some worship songs on YouTube, look to God’s Word in the message, and pray for the power and love of God to be known in this global situation. The message itself will be available on our website all week.

We are also suspending all church programming for the week of March 15-21. There will be no midweek activities for Students or Children. There will be no Bible Studies for Women or Men.

I am deeply grateful for everyone that participated in our workday today. They completed an incredible number of tasks to help us further our mission at Conroe Bible Church. There was deep-cleaning done in all bathrooms and with the children’s toys as well as removal of old furniture and a great deal of landscaping and power washing. We are blessed by the service of our own people.

Join us in praying for those affected by this global situation and for Jesus followers to effectively communicate the power and love of God during these anxious times. Remember our governing officials, our healthcare professionals, and our Conroe community–lost wages, decisions about children at home unexpectedly, etc.

In His powerful grace,

Pastor Dave

PS. If you wish to help us stay consistent financially through offering, hit the “GIVE” tab on our website ( Thanks!

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