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Why Do We Have Young Adult Ministry

Why Do We Have Young Adult Ministry?

Peter’s Pentecost sermon (found in Acts 7:41-47) gives us possibly one of the most powerful and direct passages about the Church’s biblical ministry principles.  It not only applies to Young Adult Ministry (YAM), but also to many other significant ministries in the local church.  For the next couple months, our YAM blog posts will focus on those principles.


At both the beginning and ending of this passage, we read that the Lord added daily to the community of believers who were touched and transformed by the Gospel.  When we read that they were “added,” we can see that there was already something going on.  New believers were “added” to the Church, which was already in existence.  This helps us understand that YAM is not about building a church of their own.

YAM is about becoming better integrated into the church as it already exists, helping make it even more whole, diverse, and balanced.  This should raise the question about our vision and also our preparation for handling growth and effectively integrate young adults into the congregation.  Our YAM must be geared to grow in numbers.  I think one of the best ways to do that is by keeping a focus on the importance of the individual and well as the building deep relationships with others.  We want to be shepherds, not ranchers.  A shepherd knows the sheep of his flock by name.  A rancher knows how many head are in his herd.

If you’re a young adult and looking for a place to be valued as an individual and wants to be part of a group that is bigger than any one of us, CBC’s YAM is for you!  (How about all those acronyms?!)

Peace and Grace to You,

John VanderKaay

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