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On August 9th the women of Conroe Bible Church hosted a wonderful service event called Hearts2Serve. We started the evening with a delicious home cooked dinner provided by the women of our church. After dinner several Tables of Service with different tasks were available for each woman and they were able to choose a project to participate in. It was an event where great things happened that night.

Our Tables of Service were, and continue to be, impactful and far reaching. Cards of Concern for our elderly, homebound, pastors of our community, and Parmley School Teachers; letters to our military men and women; Hope Scripture notebooks to those who have lost a child; thanking our Veterans with a token of appreciation; Parmley School teacher supply bags; blankets to those who need warmth; and taking care of our children at Conroe Bible continue to affect those in our church family, in our community and afar. It truly was a time where we served one another, as God instructed, humbly in love.

As we served with different tasks at each table we all got a little closer to God and each other, and love was and continues to be shown to each other in our church, our community, and beyond!

It was hard work and took a dedicated team of women to make it happen; I thank them for their support and for their love for God and people. And I thank the women that came for joining us at this awesome event.

We hope you to see you next year to discover what a joy it is to Serve God and Serve People!

— Debbie Kaul

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